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Wendy Beato, founder of Varsity Abroad, offers individual guidance and support to students who wish to study overseas in the USA, Canada and the UK. It is her calling to prepare and direct students through every challenging aspect of the application process – from preparing for SATs, assisting with university selection, college essay drafting, obtaining original and unique teacher recommendations, to completion of the application itself. Students can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that their personal advisor will guide them through each step of their application to study abroad, while helping them stand out from the sea of other university applicants.
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How Varsity Abroad make applying to
Universities overseas stress-free

When considering the costs for studying abroad, seeking
professional help to explore all your options makes sense

Varsity Abroad is your personal study abroad advisor

We offer a range of services to support our students through each step of the application process:
University Selection
We prepare a recommendation list of universities based on your academic profile, interests, and individual needs.
SAT Preparation
We know the importance universities place on SAT scores and provide you with guidance tools to help you prepare for test day.
College Essay Guidance & Review
College Essays can be crucial. We provide guidance and feedback to help create original and compelling essays that help you stand out from the rest.
University Applications
The application process can be stressful and confusing for students and parents. We will help you understand and complete your applications at each step of the way.
Teacher Recommendations
Don’t settle for a “generic” letter that could apply to just about anyone in your grade. We assist teachers with writing unique and personal recommendations for you.
International Scholarships
We help you understand the process of applying to the various scholarships and financial aid programs that universities offer to local and international students.


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What our students are saying:

Jo Casey-Smith

Wendy talked us through the  UCAS process and answered our bombardment of questions.

Janessa Leita

In just 3 months we went from making contact with Wendy, to receiving an acceptance letter for Micele's number one choice of university in the USA.

Dee Waddilove

Wendy helped us understand the challenges of applying at colleges and channeled us in the right direction. Robbie was accepted by Harvard which would never have happened for us if Wendy was not involved.

Teagan S

I highly recommend working alongside Varsity Abroad. Having someone who is knowledgeable, passionate and efficient on your team can transform your application completely and even determine whether or not you get into that dream school.

Jenny W

Wendy was incredibly helpful throughout the process and ensured that I was always up to date with deadlines. I would highly recommend working alongside Wendy to future students looking to study abroad. Her services were invaluable to me and I can guarantee they will make the world of difference.

Chelsea D.

I was really worried about my understanding of the application process but working with Wendy made everything so much easier. I was grateful for Varsity Abroad’s editing of my essays and clarification of application procedures, it was a tremendous help.