Declining a University Acceptance offer

By now, Colleges & Universities have sent their admissions decisions.  What should you do if you end up with more than one offer?

First of all, Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment.  Applying to university takes effort and you should celebrate your results.  So here is what is next:

Once you have evaluated your offers and chosen the school that is the best fit for you, I advise that you contact the other universities and decline their offers.  Here is why. Many students are placed on a “Waiting list” for universities, and this means that if someone that has been given an offer declines, it gives a person from that list a chance to be accepted.

By letting universities know soon about your intention to not enrol, you would be giving someone else a chance.

Below is a template you can edit to decline a university acceptance.


“ Dear _____  (admissions committee or the name of the person who sent you the admission email)

I am writing to thank you for the acceptance ( and scholarship offers — if they made any)  from (XXXX College/University). After considering all my options, I have decided to attend (YYYYYY) .

I wanted to share my decision with you so that you are able to consider other students on the  “waiting list” looking for a place at your institution.

Thank you again for your consideration in my university search.


(Your Name & Student number -if they gave you one)


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