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Choosing and applying for university is daunting enough, but when you have your heart set on attending an overseas university it becomes downright intimidating. Your school guidance counsellor probably has limited experience in this field: ’Look online?”, they might suggest. As if you have the time and energy at the end of the long school day to trawl the web or even know where to start!

What you find can leave you more confused. SAT exams? College essays? You’ve heard of scholarships, but where do you apply? do you qualify? How will you stay on top of everything required, without neglecting your normal school workload and extramural?

There’s no need to let these fears get in the way of achieving your goals – Wendy Beato, founder of Varsity Abroad, has been assisting students and their families to successfully apply for the overseas university of their choice for over 16 years. She will work with you one-to-one, guiding you every step of the way. Whether you need help choosing the right university, preparing for the SATs, composing the perfect application essay or submitting your actual application, with Wendy you’re in good hands. She will also help you understand your financial aid options and scholarships available to help lighten the financial burden.

Wendy understands how competitive university admissions abroad can be and doesn’t believe in just filling in the paperwork and leaving the rest to chance. She believes in every student that she works with and will go the extra mile to ensure that their application stands out from the rest. A successful application is your ticket to the future that you’ve always dreamed of, and Varsity Abroad is here to make that dream a reality.

Wendy Beato is an American School Counsellor with local and international experience. She founded the Guidance and University Counseling department at the American International School in Cape Town before setting off on her own and forming Varsity Abroad in 2014. Wendy is passionate about working with students and Varsity Abroad’s high rate of successful placements at top overseas universities is a true testament to this.

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