Applying to top Universities

Applying to Top Universities

Are you considering applying to some top universities like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, MIT, Stanford or any others in the Ivy League?  The application process here will be the same as to any other university, but what they look for in their applicants will be much different than just grades.
At selective universities top grades and impressive SAT scores are expected but these alone do not guarantee your admission. The emphasis here will be on what skills and assets, besides your academics, you are bringing to their institution.  Are you driven? Do you think outside the box? Have you demonstrated Leadership skills? Do you play a sport proficiently? Do you have any artistic or musical skills?
At Varsity Abroad our mission is to help our students stand out from the rest by creating an application that demonstrates the unique qualities that the they possess—which helps them distinguish themselves from the crowd.
A well-polished application that includes well executed essays and supplements, and quality teacher recommendations that give an individualized testament of your academic ability, are among the aspects that we at Varsity Abroad strive to achieve in order to help students put their “best application forward”.
Thinking about applying to an Ivy League or other selective universities? Let us help you put your best foot forward!