What are the requirements for entrance?
This will depend on the school system that you graduate from. Universities have different expectations from someone who for example followed the regular NSC/IEB South African curriculum compared to candidates who follow the Cambridge curriculum, American Regular Diploma or IB diploma, etc.


How do I go about selecting universities?
As part of Varsity Abroad’s service I will provide you with a list of recommended universities based on your academic performance (Grades 9-12), SAT/ACT scores, what you want to study, preferred location, and other criterias that you highlight in the research from that I will ask you to complete.


How do I go about registering and preparing for the SAT?
The SAT is a standardized test that is sometimes required for admissions by universities. It is put together by the College Board and tests your proficiency in reading, writing, and maths. You don’t pass or fail this test, but rather achieve a score.

As part of Varsity Abroad’s student support you have access to your personal SAT preparation course.  The test can only be written 4 times a year in South Africa. This is why it gives you a head start to begin your preparations during your grade 11 year. We will also guide you through registration and remind you of test deadlines.


How do I get a scholarship/Financial support?
Universities understand the challenges of affording tuition fees and thus many do offer financial aid to international students. At Varsity Abroad we help you identify the scholarships available to you directly from the universities which you are applying to.


How much do your services cost?
I understand the anxiety of embarking on this journey and ensuring that you have the right information and guidance.  This is why with Varsity Abroad you will have peace of mind knowing that you have professional help readily available. There will be no guessing, or sifting through confusing website information.  You will have my help through each step.

With this in mind I have tailored various application packages to suit different support needs and budgets. These range from individual consultations to full comprehensive guidance. Book a consultation with us to discuss your individual needs.

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