SAT preparation

How To Prepare for the SAT

If you are planning to Study in the USA part of your application may include test scores requirements. One of the most popular tests used is the SAT.  Here are the most important aspects you need to know to prepare for the SAT.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is one of the standardized tests used by American Universities to compare applicants and see how ready they are to succeed at university. The majority of US Universities will require the SAT as part of their entrance requirements.  SAT scores are also used to award Scholarships to students who score well.  For students looking to play sports & qualify for sports scholarships in the USA the SAT is one of the first requirements coaches will ask for.

What does the SAT test cover?

The SAT test has 2 parts: Reading & Writing and Maths- with an optional essay required by some universities.

The Reading & Writing sections will test your skills in how to analyze & synthesize information. It also sees tests your ability to  interpret data in the form of tables, graphs, and charts.  The SAT Math section covers concepts in Algebra, geometry, statistics, problem-solving, data analysis, and trigonometry.

How to prepare for the SAT?

At Varsity Abroad we ensure that students know their SAT score expectations for the universities they want to apply to. In addition, we realize that not all students learn equally and therefore we have different options to suit their individual learning styles.

To help our students prepare for the SAT & ACT we have the following options:

What is a Good SAT Score?

Each section in the SAT is scored out of 800 points. The optional SAT essay is scored out of 24 points. A perfect score will bring you to 1600 points.  It is important to note that universities will likely focus on the individual parts of the SAT to compare your scores to the expected 50 percentile range of their students.  Therefore, the individual scores, not just the sum, are what is important.

The more selective the university you are applying to, the higher scores that will be expected for each SAT section. In addition, many Universities use an SAT Superscore.  That means that they will take your highest score for each SAT section written on different test dates and create your final score.