How We Help you Study Abroad

When considering the costs for studying abroad, seeking professional help to explore all your options makes sense!

Varsity Abroad makes applying to International University stress-free

At Varsity Abroad we will make sure that:

  • Students get a recommendation of universities that will fit their areas of interest (What you want to study), academic performance (chances of getting accepted), location (Where they want to study), & budget (Your study abroad budget).


  • Students understand which High School courses are important to universities & how they review students’ progress from grades 9-12. (UK, USA, Canada)


  • Families learn about types of financial aid available to them.


  • Students learn what extra mural activities are important to universities.


  • Students learn what tests to take, and when to take them.


Your Varsity Abroad Overseas University counselor will:

  • Help students manage application stress.


  • Help students stay on top of application deadlines


  • Help students find and compare schools that are a good fit for their needs


  • Provide guidance in the university application to help students stand out from other applicants.


  • Provide students & families peace of mind by keeping them informed of the requirements in international university admissions.


Answer questions and address concerns students and their families may have during the application process.