Princeton, Columbia & Cornell virtual event in South Africa

With restricted travel mandates still in force due to Covid19, Princeton, Columbia, & Cornell universities are reaching out to South African students Virtually. These popular Ivy League Universities will hold a joint virtual session on September 28th where they will address:

  • Selective university admission process
  • Academic programs
  • Campus activities
  • Student life
  • Admissions policies
  • and financial aid.    

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Get to know these Universities…

Princeton University

Princeton students have the flexibility to shape dynamic academic programs that prepare them for leadership and lives of service. Through its groundbreaking financial aid program, Princeton ensures that all qualified students who are accepted can afford to attend the University. Princeton is renowned for its commitment to undergraduate teaching. Its faculty are known throughout the world and it is not unusual for students to learn from Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and MacArthur fellows. The academic options at Princeton give students flexibility in pursuing their intellectual interests while working toward either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Students also may choose from among 51 interdisciplinary programs, creating combinations of academic interests. 

Columbia University

The Columbia experience combines Columbia’s storied Core Curriculum, providing breadth of learning through general education courses, and the solid mastery of a discipline achieved through a major. Columbia leverages its position as a great research university while remaining rooted in its history as small liberal arts college to offer students the ability to pursue their majors to the highest level of scholarly sophistication.

Cornell University

Renowned for its distinctive mix of eminent scholarship, academic rigor and commitment to public service, Cornell attracts more than 20,000 students from every state in the Union and over 120 countries. They learn from a world-class faculty teaching more than 5,000 courses and participate in cutting-edge research in 11 undergraduate, graduate and professional schools on the uniquely beautiful Ithaca campus, at Cornell’s medical college campuses in New York City and Qatar, and in affiliated programs around the world. The breadth of study, ranging from legendary programs in the humanities to world-class interdisciplinary research centers in nanotechnology, biotechnology, supercomputing and genomics, sets Cornell apart from its Ivy League peers.