Varsity Abroad offers individualized & professional support to High School Students who wish yo study abroad at top universities in the USA, UK, THE NETHERLANDS, & Canada.

How it works

Students are guided by Wendy Beato, an American University counselor with vast experience in helping students with University admissions. To begin, Wendy will gather information around four specific areas:

  • Where you want to study
  • What you want to study
  • Your High School Academic Performance
  • Your Study Abroad Budget

With this information, students receive a list of university recommendations that are the “right fit” for their needs. Thereafter students & families receive support through various parts of the application process: researching universities, completing the applications, planning college essays, receiving essay feedback, assisting with teacher recommendations, financial aid information, monitoring student progress, and more.

Contact Varsity Abroad and discuss your overseas university options today.

We offer a range of “service packages” that our students and families can choose from to suit their budget and level of support needed, which may include these services:


    One size does NOT fit all and at Varsity Abroad we know how crucial pairing students who wish to study abroad with the right university is. We provide you with a recommendation list of universities based on your academic profile, interests, and individual needs. Applying to a university most suited to your unique profile also maximises your chance of a successful application, making this first step a key consideration.


    We know the importance universities place on SAT scores and thus we provide you with guidance to help you perform at your best. For most universities your SAT score provides a decisive cut-off for admission purposes, making it vital to ensure that your score puts you at the top of their list. We take care in providing you with the tools you need to help you through the required curriculum and hone in on the individual areas where you might need to improve your score.


    Your College Essays can be crucial in the admission process. Some might say that these have inadvertently become some of the most important aspects of your entire application. Delivering an original and successful admissions essay has proved to be a stumbling block for many students. I provide guidance and feedback to help create compelling essays that help you stand out from the rest.


    The application process can be stressful for students and parents alike, with seemingly endless deadlines and specifications to adhere to. Even working with the most user-friendly online application platforms can be intimidating. Whether you apply via Common app, Coalition, UCAS, and any other platform, I will help you understand and complete your applications at each step of the way.


    There is nothing worse than receiving a “generic” letter that could apply to just about anyone in your grade. We assist teachers with writing unique and personal recommendation letters by providing them with the exact requirements for these recommendations. We also offer feedback and support when it comes to submitting these via the various application platforms.


    Investing in your overseas tertiary education is most likely one of the biggest expenses students and their families will face, making it essential to source any possible additional financial assistance from the numerous USA, UK and Canadian scholarship programs on offer. We help you understand the process of applying to the various scholarships and financial aid programs that universities offer to local and international students. If there’s money to be saved, we help you make it happen!

Your USA, UK, NETHERLANDS, & Canadian university application is in safe hands with Varsity Abroad


Contact Varsity Abroad and discuss your overseas university options today. 


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