Mar 11, 2020 No Comments

“Wendy helped me tremendously when it came to being organised regarding my application process and handling tasks in at the correct times. She helped me understand the different score systems of the universities and how I needed to translate my matric scores to meet their score units. Lastly, the advice that was given to me by Wendy on how best to write my college essays is immeasurable, without her help I would not even have known where to begin. Wendy is extremely kind and helpful. She was always willing to go the extra mile to proof read my essays that one extra time and she always gave me her honest professional opinion regarding anything I had to ask in the process. She has mountains of experience and I never once hesitated to trust her word. 

If you are thinking of working with Wendy I would say to leap at the opportunity. Wendy and Varsity abroad make the application process a-lot more simplified and easily understandable, they are always there when you have questions and it makes the process less time consuming which, when we are busy with matric or any school year,  results in the whole process being a lot less stressful.

Written by Wendy, Varsity Abroad