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Wendy helped my daughter reach her goal of Early Acceptance to an Ivy League university. As a parent, I found Wendy to be respectful, firm and direct. She is an “action” person and once she had decided to work with my daughter she took the responsibility extremely seriously. This involved ensuring all necessary deadlines were met and that the teachers, chosen to give references, would be the most beneficial to the application. Wendy was on hand to assist them if they wanted any advice. She was sensitive to the fact that teachers have a lot on their plate yet she managed to guide them to get the required outputs at the right time. I watched Wendy interact with my daughter and saw how she helped her to get to her essay topics by asking questions and never making decisions for her. I could see that my daughter recognized that Wendy was a supportive ally to her and she responded to it very positively. Wendy has a very good understanding of time management and she was respectful of the fact that my daughter’s time was limited. She has a system of working to enable progress to be made by using technology rather than in-person meetings, where possible. This resulted in very quick turnaround times on the work required. In summary, Wendy’s work ethic was faultless. She is very intuitive, has a professional attitude and understands the US recruitment process inside out. Varsity Abroad definitely helped make my daughters dream, of attending an Ivy League University, become a reality. Thank you Wendy!

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