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Applying to study in the USA is simultaneously one of the most daunting and exhilarating experiences. Fortunately, with the help of Wendy Beato, the latter was more common. I decided, rather last minute, that studying in the USA was what I was after. I wanted to stretch myself and pursue a prestigious education; something I was less likely to find locally. Not only was I fortunate enough to have this opportunity available to me, but I also had Wendy supporting me every step of the way. She made all the difference. These applications are exhausting. You will be surprised by how much of your time and energy gets devoured. Honestly, with trying to balance a chaotic matric schedule; find the right words to write jaw-dropping essays; hunt down teachers for recommendation letters; and prepare for the very time-pressed SATs, you will be shattered. This process is like a full time job, which is why having Wendy to lighten the load and steer you in the right direction is crucial. Wendy Beato is the type of person we all promise ourselves we will become in our New Year’s resolutions. Often, it would be midnight and Wendy would be reading and commenting on my essays, pointing out sections that were strong and others that needed more work to be convincing. She replied to my very many lists of queries within minutes and addressed all of my concerns as though I was her own daughter. I felt as though she truly wanted me to succeed and was more than happy to go out of her way to ensure that I did. She messaged me around the SATs to wish me good luck and offer reassuring advice; reminded me of how capable I was and helped build my confidence; and ultimately enabled me to have the chance to study in the USA. If you are considering applying to the USA, I highly recommend working alongside Varsity Abroad. Having someone who is knowledgeable, passionate and efficient on your team can transform your application completely and even determine whether or not you get into that dream school. Looking back, I know that I am a stronger candidate in the vast applicant pool because of the support I received from Wendy Beato and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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