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Teagan S

Applying to study in the USA is simultaneously one of the most daunting and exhilarating experiences. Fortunately, with the help of Wendy Beato, the latter was more common. I decided, rather last minute, that studying in the USA was what I was after. I wanted to stretch myself and pursue a prestigious education; something I was less likely to find locally. Not only was I fortunate enough to have this opportunity available to me, but I also had Wendy supporting me every step of the way. She made all the difference. These applications are exhausting. You will be surprised by how much of your time and energy gets devoured. Honestly, with trying to balance a chaotic matric schedule; find the right words to write jaw-dropping essays; hunt down teachers for recommendation letters; and prepare for the very time-pressed SATs, you will be shattered. This process is like a full time job, which is why having Wendy to lighten the load and steer you in the right direction is crucial. Wendy Beato is the type of person we all promise ourselves we will become in our New Year’s resolutions. Often, it would be midnight and Wendy would be reading and commenting on my essays, pointing out sections that were strong and others that needed more work to be convincing. She replied to my very many lists of queries within minutes and addressed all of my concerns as though I was her own daughter. I felt as though she truly wanted me to succeed and was more than happy to go out of her way to ensure that I did. She messaged me around the SATs to wish me good luck and offer reassuring advice; reminded me of how capable I was and helped build my confidence; and ultimately enabled me to have the chance to study in the USA. If you are considering applying to the USA, I highly recommend working alongside Varsity Abroad. Having someone who is knowledgeable, passionate and efficient on your team can transform your application completely and even determine whether or not you get into that dream school. Looking back, I know that I am a stronger candidate in the vast applicant pool because of the support I received from Wendy Beato and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Jenny W

The American application system is far more complex and intricate than the South African university system. I was concerned that I would not be able to figure out the application process and complete it properly, all whilst balancing a busy matric timetable. Not only did Wendy make the application system far easier to manage, she also went over and above to ensure that all the material I submitted throughout the application process was up to the correct standards. Wendy was incredibly attentive and helpful with all my concerns throughout the process and ensured that I was always up to date with deadlines. It was an absolute pleasure working alongside her. I would highly recommend working alongside Wendy to future students looking to study abroad. Her services were invaluable to me and I can guarantee they will make the world of difference.

Dee Waddilove

It gives us great pleasure to recommend Wendy Beato as a U.S. University and College Consultant. Working very closely with other college consultants and college selection committees Wendy helped us understand the challenges of applying at colleges and channeled us in the right direction. Her thorough knowledge of the process ensured that Robbie met the critical deadline dates and that he understood the content required in each submission. In giving Robbie the exact dates for completion of each required task on a broad, yet detailed timeline , she made sure Robbie stayed on track , enabling him to plan ahead and hand tasks in timeously. Robbie applied to 13 universities and was accepted by 5 and chose Harvard which would never have happened for us if Wendy was not involved. We believe Wendy gave Robbie the best chance of being accepted by the top colleges and so we highly recommend her.

Patricia Garcia

My biggest concern was not getting accepted because my school did not offer sports or community service, and universities value a lot of activities like these. Wendy helped me in every aspect of the process. Whether it was helping me with my SATs, choosing the best universities for me, improving my essays or helping me to get my teachers to do their part. Wendy was always online to reply to my questions, she is well informed about everything and is very clear and honest when giving me feedback about anything. She really pushed me to always do my best. I would recommend Wendy 100%! She really helped me throughout the whole process, she has a lot of experience and she wouldn't guide you to something that she knows that is not possible. Wendy is an amazing mentor, gives great advice and is very efficient! A great person to work with! Thank you, Wendy, for all the work and attention, without you I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goals and the dream of going to study in the States!


I was really worried about my understanding of the application process but working with Wendy made everything so much easier. I was grateful for Varsity Abroad’s editing of my essays and clarification of application procedures, it was a tremendous help. Wendy was always helpful and informative about the entire process.  It was most definitely worth working with her.

Pepe Gee

As a parent I found myself doubting whether my son’s dream to study abroad was even possible? We had no idea where to start. The choice of colleges was huge. The information to sift through on the internet was daunting. Working with Wendy was a lifesaver, she helped with everything, from preparing to write the SATs to meeting the deadlines. I think the most beneficial was Wendy's knowledge of all the 100's of universities to choose from. It was such a pleasure to work with Wendy. She was ALWAYS available. Don't think twice about getting Varsity Abroad’s help if you are thinking of applying to an overseas university. There is NO way we could have done this without her. I can’t thank Wendy enough for all her help, encouragement and wealth of information. She even kept my son on track with deadlines (and that in itself is amazing!) We were so lucky to be able to be a part of Varsity Abroad.

Sue P

Wendy helped my daughter reach her goal of Early Acceptance to an Ivy League university. As a parent, I found Wendy to be respectful, firm and direct. She is an “action” person and once she had decided to work with my daughter she took the responsibility extremely seriously. This involved ensuring all necessary deadlines were met and that the teachers, chosen to give references, would be the most beneficial to the application. Wendy was on hand to assist them if they wanted any advice. She was sensitive to the fact that teachers have a lot on their plate yet she managed to guide them to get the required outputs at the right time. I watched Wendy interact with my daughter and saw how she helped her to get to her essay topics by asking questions and never making decisions for her. I could see that my daughter recognized that Wendy was a supportive ally to her and she responded to it very positively. Wendy has a very good understanding of time management and she was respectful of the fact that my daughter’s time was limited. She has a system of working to enable progress to be made by using technology rather than in-person meetings, where possible. This resulted in very quick turnaround times on the work required. In summary, Wendy’s work ethic was faultless. She is very intuitive, has a professional attitude and understands the US recruitment process inside out. Varsity Abroad definitely helped make my daughters dream, of attending an Ivy League University, become a reality. Thank you Wendy!

Nadia K

It was an absolute relief to discover Varsity Abroad after trying to wade through the overwhelming amount of information about universities in the USA online. I value the guidance and friendly cajoling from Wendy to encourage my son to complete his application, but it was her in-depth knowledge of the smaller details like knowing what to do when and making sense of the Americanisms, which were most helpful. Her liaison with the school counselors and advice on completing their recommendations were appreciated. All in all, I think that she played a reassuring role in helping us to navigate the sometimes confusing process that the Common Application presents to non-Americans.

Alison S

My daughter, Teagan, decided very late in the year to apply to study in America and Wendy Beato, owner of Varsity Abroad, was recommended to us to assist with the minefield of information one has to go through in order to make an informed decision on the most suited Universities to apply to; and then how to go through the application process. Unfortunately, due to our late application my daughter didn't benefit from the full package that Wendy offers and which I recommend others purchase. However, despite the limited time we had, Wendy imparted an impressive amount of knowledge and advice. She was always available and communicated at length with Teagan; guiding her and providing vital information not only with the actual application but more importantly with the multiple of essays and personal statements needed for each submission, thereby ensuring Teagan was able to formulate and present the material in the very specific, required style - something, which we would never have known about had we not had any assistance. Wendy's impressive success rate is testimony to the quality of the service she provides and my only regret is that we didn't meet her earlier.