Top Reasons to work with us

Top 5 reasons to work with Varsity Abroad

  • Get personalized attention–With so many universities to choose from, how do you find the best match? This is where you need an overseas university applications genie, and that’s what I do! I look at your potential, study field, and together we complete the process.  No late nights surfing the net, no scouring of page after page looking for protocol. By getting to know you I will identify and recommend universities that will be right for YOU.
  • Save on university cost— An overseas university education is expensive.  I will demystify the financial aid process and help you identify the types of scholarships available to you. If we can save, we will!
  • Be the purple cow: Make your application to stand out!- With universities having thousands of applicants to choose from, having the right guidance with completing your application and college essays can make all the difference between being accepted or not. With over 16 years in the applications field and a high success rate, you will get professional hands-on guidance to help your application stand out from the rest.
  • Relax! You are in safe hands: The application process can be complex, confusing and daunting. I will help you manage all the pieces by developing a timeline for all the steps involved. From taking standardized tests (SAT’s) to submitting your applications. I will also answer any questions that arise along the way. You will be prepared, taken care of, and have  peace of mind.
  • Your Overseas Applications PA: As if writing exams and giving it your all is not tough enough, you will also have to make time for the applications process.  Breathe… I have a system in place and will keep you on track, reminding you what happens when; giving you deadlines and details in the midst of a busy school year.

With me by your side, you can afford to start
getting serious about Studying Overseas.

Your future is worth the investment.
Varsity Abroad can help YOU reach YOUR dream.