Answers to Top Questions about Studying Abroad

Can I apply to international universities with a South African Matric?

Yes, you can!*   Universities in the USA, UK & Canada welcome students from all over the world.  There are admissions officers who are assigned specifically to our region and who are familiar with the NSC/IEB expectations. 

*with some exemptions at selective UK universities

What is required to be admitted to an international university?

The first thing universities will want to know is what curriculum you are following: NSC, IEB, Cambridge, American regular diploma, etc.  Depending on your curriculum there will be specific expectations, regardless of your nationality.  

Thereafter there will be additional requirements depending on the university & the country you are applying to, such as SAT’s, IELTS, teacher recommendations, referee statement, and so on.  

What is the SAT & how do I prepare?

The SAT is one of the standardized tests used by American Universities to compare applicants and see how ready they are to succeed at university.  The test has 2 parts: Reading/Writing & Maths, with an optional essay required by some universities. Each section is scored out of 800 points, while the essay is scored out of 24 points.    The m


ore selective the university you are applying to, the higher scores that will be expected for each SAT section. 

At Varsity Abroad we make sure that students are aware of their SAT score expectations so that we select universities that are a realistic reach. We also offer our students SAT prep via our own VA Test Prep course or with our one-to-one tutors. Contact us to discuss which option is best for you.

Applying to top UniversitiesCan I get a scholarship/bursary?

Many universities offer scholarships & bursaries to international students.  Canada focuses mainly on Merit bursaries (Academic), while the USA can offer Merit bursaries (Academic, sports, etc) or based on Financial need.   The amounts will vary depending on the type of bursary and the funds the university has set aside. The UK has the least amount of bursaries for international students, and they tend to be extremely selective.  

At Varsity Abroad we work with our families to explore all their options and recommend universities that will meet their budget.

When should I apply?

 At Varsity Abroad we believe that the earlier you start, the more compelling your application will be, and begin working with our students from as early as grade 10.  A well-crafted application will give you the edge that will make you stand out from other students.

With so much pressure on schoolwork and exams during grade 12/Matric year, you don’t want to leave it all to the end.  We create an easy to follow application plan for each of our students, allowing them to have peace of mind and focus on doing well at school.  

All application cycles open during the Grade 12 / Matric year – Don’t leave it until it is too late! Contact us.

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