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The SAT & ACT are standardized tests used by American Universities to compare applicants and see how ready they are to succeed at university. The test has 2 parts: Reading, Writing & Maths, with an optional essay required by some universities. Each section is scored out of 800 points, while the essay is scored out of 24 points. The ACT also tests reading, writing & maths, but it also has a science component. The more selective the university you are applying to, the higher scores that will be expected for each SAT section or combined ACT score.

At Varsity Abroad we make sure that students are aware of their SAT & ACT score expectations so that we select universities that are a realistic reach. We also offer our students SAT / ACT prep via our own VA Test Prep Course, which you can learn about below or with our one-to-one tutors.
Our online course breaks the SAT & ACT curriculum into manageable 15 minute lessons that help students master all aspects of the test.

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Work Around Your Schedule

The self-paced mode allows you to follow a timeline that suits
your needs. All you need is just 15 minutes per day!

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Our program is optimized for laptops, smartphones, & tablets. Study on the go.

Be prepared for test day

Receive 25 hours of test strategy and content. Know what will be expected!

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Follow a comprehensive lesson checklist
covering the entire SAT/ACT curriculum.

Additional features include

Audio, video, & written explanations
Personalised Quizzes
Personalized quizzes to focus on areas you need to improve
Practice Tests
Full-Length Test practice: complete 2 full SAT or ACT tests
Study Guides
Study guides to help you be ready on test day.
Get feedback on your progress
Start improving your score and get the best value on the market for only R2900