Why Study Overseas

With so much uncertainty in South African universities, many families are looking for alternatives after high school for their children.  Choosing to study overseas is a good option & has many benefits. Here are a few:

  1. Variety of course choice– Studying overseas will allow you to have more options on what to study. If you are also unsure of what to study, places like the USA & Canada let you choose your concentration at the end of 2nd year– giving you plenty of time to find your passion.  You can also double major or do a major/minor concentration. The possibilities are endless.
  1. Study at top universities-– the USA, UK, & Canada have some of the world-leading universities.  While some can be very hard to get into, Varsity Abroad students have been admitted to some of the top universities in these regions. Have a look at our Success rate.
  1. Broaden your view— Studying overseas will help you mingle with people from other areas of the world.  This will help expand your views, learn about different cultures & expose you to different perspectives. In today’s global economy, being worldly is a definite advantage.
  1. Expanding job opportunities– Students at international universities have a global network of internships opportunities that can lead to post-graduation job placements in the host country or elsewhere in the world.

Networking— There is a reason why they say it’s all about “who you know”. The people you will meet while studying overseas will be invaluable to you. You might end up creating companies, business ideas, & having access to the global alumni network.  Mark Zuckerberg & Chris Hughes founded Facebook while they were roommates at Harvard! You never know!